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About Us

North American Research Corporation (NARCO) was founded in 1969 by Robert F. Clarke (Bob).  After receiving a small loan of less than $500.00, Bob began manufacturing the cleaner known as Coilox Concentrate in his garage on the weekends and calling on the maintenance departments of hospitals, hotels, and universities during the week.  Through his hard work and diligence Coilox Concentrate began impressing user after user.

In 1971 Bob revolutionized the HVACR coil cleaning industry by formulating the 1st foaming condenser cleaner, Nar-Coil Concentrate, which changed the way condenser coils were cleaned.  Traveling around the country demonstrating Nar-Coil Concentrate created product sales with ease as there were no other foaming cleaners available at the time.  Bob would simply have the maintenance personnel clean their condenser coil with what they had been using, then he would clean the same coil with Nar-Coil and show them what a really clean condenser coil looked like.

Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s Bob scoured the United States and Europe selling these formulations to industrial end users.  NARCO continued to grow by expanding the product offering to include cooling tower scale removers, ice machine cleaners, and various specialized products.  Never sacrificing quality, NARCO products get the job done right, the first time.

Today, products formulated by North American Research Corporation enjoy worldwide distribution.